4 Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags Quickly in Minute Counts

The onset of eye bags on the face, of course will be very disturbing and make you not confident. Especially for those who are very concerned with the appearance of facial appearance. This eye bag problem is actually not a health problem, but only because of wrong lifestyle habits. So you don't need to worry. In general, severe eye bags will look black and enlarged. if it is not treated immediately and correctly it will make the face look older and eye health is impaired.


How to get rid of black and large eye bags can be done naturally and quickly. this method by utilizing natural ingredients that are effective in tightening and deflating the sagging eye bags. Now, if you already have eye bags, then here we will share how to remove eye bags easily and quickly in just minutes. want to know how?

How to get rid of eye bags naturally

There are many different ways to deal with black and sagging eye bags. You can choose to use eye bags that can be purchased at pharmacies or drug stores. but if you prefer a frugal and safe but effective result then the natural way can be an option. Here are some ways to get rid of eye bags naturally and quickly in a matter of minutes such as the following:

1. Potatoes

it turns out that potatoes can be made into effective eye bags. Potatoes are foods that contain lots of nutrients for the skin. The high content of Citric Acid and Phosphoric Acid will be able to accelerate the regeneration of dead skin cells, including eye bags. well, for how to remove eye bags with potatoes are as follows:

Provide 1 potato, then peel the skin clean
Blend the potatoes and put them in a thin cloth
use potatoes that have been inserted into the cloth to compress your eye bags area evenly
For maximum results, you should do it regularly before going to bed and after waking up. How easy is that right?

2. Yoke

how to get rid of eye bags quickly next, namely with yoke. Yoke itself is nothing new in the world of skin beauty. The high content of vitamin C and B1 makes this material used as a skin whitening ingredient. while the water content in it is useful in removing eye bags.

For how to remove black eye bags with yoke, you can see the following steps:
Provide 1 yoke fruit, peel the layer of the skin then puree by grating it
use the resulting grater to make a face mask
Before sticking, make sure that your face is clean of dirt, it is recommended to wash your face first
Let stand for a few minutes, so that the juice of the yam juice can seep into your face
then open your yoke mask.
Well, after this maybe you will buy some yoke for stock in your home. Right?

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3. Tea Bag Pouch

The natural way to get rid of sagging and black eye bags can be done by using a tea bag. it turns out that used drinks that you might throw away are useful, you know? Tea bags contain tannins which function to constrict skin pores and tighten your skin layers. Then this material is perfect for dealing with your eye bags. The following is how to remove black eye bags with a tea bag, namely:

Prepare two used tea bags for any type of tea
Provide 1 cup of cold water, then dip the tea cup. Leave it for a while
stick the tea bag around the area of ​​your eye bags and let stand for about 20 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

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4. Cucumber

One of the ways to get rid of eye bags quickly and effectively is by using a cucumber. cucumber fruit is known to have an astrigent content which functions to promote blood circulation around the skin area. Compared to the previous methods, maybe this is the simplest way, namely as follows:

provide 1 cucumber, then slice 1 cm thick
Paste the cucumber slices into the eye area, then let stand for 30 minutes. To facilitate attachment, you are advised to lie down
Even though it's a simple method, you don't underestimate it. because if done correctly, the results will be maximum. 

That's how to get rid of eye bags in a short time in just minutes, which of course you should try. Good luck and healthy greetings !!

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