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How to Treat Difficulty Defecating Naturally

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Difficulty in constipation or constipation is also called constipation. Constipation is the most common problem in the community. How to deal with difficult bowel movements naturally? this time healthy news will provide tips on natural constipation drugs, namely by using traditional herbal medicines.

Before we discuss how to overcome difficult bowel movements naturally, and what materials are needed and how to mix them. it's good you know a few things that are the factors that cause the defecation.

Causes of defective bowel movements and how to overcome them

there are many factors that cause defecation, including sedentary or less mobile lifestyles, less fiber diets such as vegetables and fruits, excessive consumption of stimulants, such as cigarettes, coffee, hot spices and stress.

how to treat constipation including exercise. Exercise is highly recommended for those who lack daily motion. This is usually experienced by people who work a lot sitting, such as office employees.

other than that how to overcome difficult bowel movements by consuming lots of fruit. Fruits . Like, bananas and multiplication also consume green vegetables, because green vegetables contain high fiber. fiber is needed by our digestive organs to help launch bowel movements.

Traditional Medicine To Treat Difficulty Defecating Or Constipation

How to Treat Difficulty Defecating Naturally

treat constipation

tips to launch a bowel movement, which is to multiply the consumption of fiber intake every day by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and stop smoking and drinking coffee. reduce eating spicy foods and deal with stress, will make you avoid the problem of constipation and is a way to overcome constipation.

Difficulty defecating is often associated with a condition of the liver that is too hot and the large intestine is tense. in addition to physical problems, lifestyle and eating patterns, the difficulty of large fruits is also caused by emotional and mental imbalances such as stress.

Sufferers are often tense and easily emotional, angry, or harboring anger. Another solution to treating defecation is with cool ingredients, balancing the function of the liver or liver, calming tense intestines and stimulating intestinal secretions.

Medications for Treating Defecation Difficulties

medicine for defecation in adults today, can be done by drinking traditional constipation ingredients. There are several herbal ingredients that can be used, namely cermai leaves and aloe vera leaves. And here are two kinds of concoctions to overcome difficult bowel movements:

1. Cermai Leaf herb.

This herb is only made from cermai leaves and water. The way to make the concoction is to wash 3 grams of cermai leaves, then mash until smooth. Brew with half a glass of hot water, then cool. Drink at once with the pulp, 2 times a day. in addition to drinking the concoction, you also eat 1 or 2 fruits directly can also overcome constipation.

2. Aloe Vera Remedy.

The ingredients needed are 1 leaf of aloe vera, peeled and sliced, 1 segment of turmeric and ginger peeled and sliced ​​as well, and 1 tablespoon of honey. how to make it: Add all ingredients, except honey into 2 cups of water and boil for 5 minutes. turn off the heat, then stir, and strain into a glass. Wait until it's cool, then add honey. For this mixture into two for you to drink morning and evening before eating.

Tips to Treat Defecation Difficulties in Adults

Some tips to cure defecation that help maximize the effects of drinking the concoction. These are tips to cure defecation, namely:

Diet greatly influences constipation. try to eat lots of fibrous foods, such as vegetables and fresh fruit. Cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, cabbage, sprouts, sesame oil, and kale. This is a laxative vegetable as a way of treating your bowel movements
Increase consumption of whole and green foods. avoid processed foods, excessive meat, fried foods and wheat bread.

Regular exercise will also help your digestion and be able to reduce stress-causing hormones.
This is how to treat difficult bowel movements in a natural way. Hopefully useful and healthy greetings !!

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