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Tips for Making Love for Men To Last Long Naturally

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Have you known sex tips for men to last long naturally? Maintaining sex is indeed your safeguard. for a man the size of virility can be seen from the duration of sex that a man can do. Despite the ancient notion, there are still many who believe that men who are able to have sex in a long time are male men. so it's very necessary for men to be able to make sex last a long time.

Tips tahan lama di ranjang melakukan hubungan seksual
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If you as a man can make sex last a long time. Of course this will also be happy for your woman. To do this, it is not uncommon for men to do everything. including using special drugs to make it last long during sex. Actually there are some lovemaking tips for men to last naturally, without using certain drugs. Anything? We refer to the following tips.

Reaching Ideal Body Weight

maybe many people do not understand the relationship between weight and sexual ability. Even though according to the results of research, being overweight or often called obesity clearly greatly disrupts your ability during intercourse. obesity is usually associated with the disease it causes. An obese person must be very high at risk of developing several diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The disease turned out to also affect erectile disorders in men.

besides experiencing erectile problems, it turns out that obesity can also reduce sperm quality. Usually obese sufferers do not pay attention to their diet, so it is very influential on sperm quality. for that, one of the tips for making love for men to last a long time is to reduce your weight to reach the ideal body weight. It needs to be underlined that is ideal body weight, so it is not too fat but also not too thin. Too thin, of course not good for you.

multiply Zinc and Amino Acid Consumption

In order for you to last long during sexual intercourse, you also have to pay attention to the food intake you consume. The substances you really need to increase stamina are zinc and amino acids. some stamina enhancing drugs also use zinc in the content of the drug. The function of zinc is quite important. Zinc is closely related to testosterone levels. If you lack zinc, it will also lower testosterone levels. As a result your sexual ability will also decrease.

Therefore, so that you can maintain long sexual relations require zinc intake. Foods that contain lots of zinc, for example, such as meat, oysters, seeds, or also cereals. Besides zinc, you also need to increase your amino acid intake. What is the relation? it turns out that amino acids can increase blood vessels leading to the penis. Make the penis more relaxed and improve sperm quality. Examples of food ingredients are chicken meat, dairy products, nuts, and others.

Need to do circumcision

for lay people who don't know the benefits and functions of peru circumcision to know this fact. There is an assumption that circumcision is apparently quite important for men. By doing circumcision is to cut the foreskin or skin at the tip of the penis. it turns out that it can cause a man to be able to achieve ejaculation in a longer time. This is contrary to the assumption that people consider circumcision can avoid premature ejaculation.

see these facts, make one of the tips for sex for men to last a long time is to do circumcision. Although there are also some assumptions that say that circumcision will not have an impact on male sexual quality. This is still a debate among researchers. but it would be better if you do circumcision. If it does not affect male sexual quality, circumcision must have other health benefits that are more useful for your health.

Doing Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel exercises turned out to be one of the tips for making love for men to last long. Maybe the kegel exercise is usually done by women. But it turns out kegel gymnastics can also be done and is very beneficial for men. Kegel exercises were not only specifically for women. for men, kegel exercise is needed to support your sexual stamina. This exercise is considered good for men to be able to control the muscles around the genitals.

To do Kegel exercises is quite easy. hold the genital muscles for 10 seconds, then release and repeat this method several times. Quite simple, easy, and can be done anywhere and anytime. You can do Kegel exercises to improve sexual quality. You can also practice the tips above to maximize your sexual relationship. You can get it naturally by applying some lovemaking tips for this man.

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